Celebrate Mom & the Mom Who Started It All This Mother’s Day at K. Charles!

This Mother’s Day, we at K. Charles & Co. want to celebrate all the incredible moms out there so for a limited time only, treat Mom with a gift card she can use on luxurious Aveda products and services. Purchase a $200 gift card for only $170! But also, this year is extra special because we also get to honor the amazing woman who, quite literally, started it all for us – Kathy Thalman, affectionately known as “K.T.” by our team.

Two women in a kitchen, one playfully dancing with an apron and the other holding a doll, both smiling, with a homey backdrop. - K. Charles & Co. in San Antonio and Schertz, TX

The Visionary Behind K. Charles: Kathy Thalman

K.T. isn’t just the founder of K. Charles Salons; she’s the visionary who, in 1984, set out to raise the bar for the entire salon industry. Her progressive thinking led to a unique environment – non-smoking, non-tipping, and built on teamwork. K.T. knew that stylists who felt valued and empowered would create a truly exceptional experience for their guests.

K.T.’s Progressive Vision: Redefining the Salon Experience

But K.T.’s impact goes beyond innovative policies. She instilled within K. Charles a core belief in ongoing education. She knew that stylists who constantly honed their craft would deliver the best possible service. This commitment to learning is still a cornerstone of who we are today.

Group of six adults posing together in a lobby, smiling at the camera, with a poster board in the background. - K. Charles & Co. in San Antonio and Schertz, TX

A Family Tradition: Generations of Hairdressers

The K. Charles’ story, however, goes even deeper. Hairdressing is a family tradition. K.T. herself followed in the footsteps of her mother, Bette Morris, and her daughter, Holly Thalman, now the owner of K. Charles, continues the legacy. There’s a reason we say K. Charles may be 40 years old, but our experience stretches back at least 80!

Two women smiling for a selfie at night, one with short blonde hair and the other with medium-length blonde hair, both wearing dark outfits and pearl earrings. - K. Charles & Co. in San Antonio and Schertz, TX

Family is truly at the heart of K. Charles, from our ownership to our team. K.T. fostered a sense of community within the salon, and that spirit continues to this day. It all started with a mother’s vision and a passion for creating a space where both clients and stylists could thrive.

So this Mother’s Day, we raise a grateful glass to all the moms who nurture and inspire us. And to our own “Mom” – K.T. – thank you for your unwavering vision and for creating the K. Charles family we know and love.


We know many of you may be curious about K.T.’s life after K. Charles. In retirement, she enjoys photography, traveling the world, and capturing its beauty. She’s also a fabulous cook and loves spending time with her husband of 57 years, David, and their furry companions, Maggie and Indie. Here’s to you, K.T.!