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      About our stylist levels

      K. Charles & Co. prides itself on cultivating a team environment in every sense. We work diligently to develop a strong team that works effortlessly together while sharing knowledge and guests. This unique team atmosphere allows us to accommodate all guests with a price point that can fit any budget. Our stylists grow in our salons through the fulfillment of benchmarks that allow them to advance through our level system while expanding  their skillset and increasing their compensation.

      Studio Stylist – These are our entry level stylists who are either new to the industry or new to K. Charles. All studio stylists have completed our intensive training program and have apprenticed and shadowed our most experienced stylist prior to taking guests. At this level, they are starting to build their business while continuing to take weekly advanced classes to hone their skills. When experiencing services with our Studio Stylists, expect a lower price point and to budget extra time for your experience.

      Junior Stylist – This is the next level of progression for our stylists. Our Juniors have been doing services in our salons for some time and have learned the ropes and embraced our culture. Their price point fits any budget and they are growing fast and building their clientele quickly.

      Senior Stylist – Our Seniors are our most sought-after level. Their skills are consistent and timely at a mid-level price point. These stylists book up quickly and you will definitely want to get into the practice of pre-booking as you’re bound to find your lifelong stylist in our Seniors.

      Master Stylist – These stylists have been in our salon and in the industry for years and have worked hard to become excellent at their craft. Our Masters have become specialists in different services through experience and extensive training. They are educators within our salon and love to give back by teaching classes for our apprentice program. Pre-booking is a must to maintain the style you love and to ensure it always looks its best! Price point for our Masters is higher and rightfully so, as they are experts of their craft.

      Elite Master Stylist – Our Elites have been with K. Charles for at least 10 years and are masters of their craft. Completing many hours of advanced education, they have made their mark on the industry with their advanced skillset and passion. These stylists excel across the board and are looked at as mentors and leaders within our salon family.

      Due to their expertise and loyal following of pre-booked guests, new guests looking to schedule an appointment with our Elites may experience a brief waiting period before their initial appointment to allow for adequate consultation and service time.