Coloring is an art unto itself. Our highly educated team brings the foremost techniques to its work, personalizing color for you. A complimentary consultation is respectfully required for a new color client prior to appointment. This time allows the stylist to discuss desires and goals, assess hair texture and integrity and describe available options. At that time we can establish an accurate amount of time to appoint and provide pricing.

Color Consultation

New color clients who desire that their color services be provided the same-day as the consultation may possibly be accommodated through team-based efforts, depending upon complexity of desired results. We will do our best to meet requests, but cannot always guarantee same day service.

Regrettably, we do not see new color clients on Saturdays without prior consultation.

Color Services$85+
Partial Foil$120+
Full Foil$150+
Full Foil to Ends$175+
Partial Foil to Ends$130+
Corrective Colorconsultation required

For corrective color, please be aware that 2-3 visits may be required to achieve the desired results and rebuild the hair’s integrity. All efforts will be made to provide same-day color service through our team-based culture.

Consultation allows us to meet your expectations by identifying individual lifestyle needs. We invite you to discuss pricing and/or service options prior to commencement of services.


We respectfully discuss all style and/or color options, guest preferences and pricing prior to services. Crafting the right images comes from asking the right questions and identifying individual lifestyle needs. Our team does just that: creating great hair design and/or color with a complimentary service consultation.

Junior StylistSenior StylistMaster StylistElite Stylist
Cut Only$48$58$68$73
With Blow Dry**$67$77$87$92
Blow Dry Only**$47+
Children (6 and under)$35$42
Men's Grooming Cuts$42$52$62

**Additional time or professional tools required to achieve a desired style will be priced accordingly through consultation.

All of our stylists, regardless of prior training or experience, have completed our Apprenticeship Program. We believe that this promotes them to a much higher than average level of performance.

K. Charles & Co team members are always looking for models for classes for a much reduced service price. You can email Monica: or stop by any of our salon locations to fill out a model request form.

Complimentary bang trims and neck trims on all cuts for existing guests between regular appointments.



Experience an exceptional service from a Studio Stylist. These stylists are fresh to our team and are showing off their talent at economical prices.

Haircut with Blow Dry$37  
Blow Dry$29+
Men's Cut$27  

Special Styles

Special styles such as braids, temporary extensions, updos for weddings and special occasions are available only to individuals who have been K Charles & Co clients for at least one year. Special styles can be created for existing clients by our talented staff and are priced following a consultation with your preferred stylist. This consultation may be done during a usual appointment.

Should you desire a dedicated consultation time to discuss ideas and options for a special style or special occasion, a 30-minute appointment must be scheduled. This is recommended if your desired style is very intricate or unusual. To ensure uninterrupted time and attention, the cost for this scheduled appointment is $50.

Special StylePriced upon consultation

Aveda’s Botanical Treatments

Botanical RepairTM Treatment$35
Transform your hair with molecular plant repair that strengthens strands from the inside out. Dry, damaged hair is instantly transformed with stronger, softer, visibly smoother and shiner hair in just one treatment.


A complimentary consultation is required prior to booking an appointment.

Permanent Waves$100+
Shaping and styling priced separately.
Keratin Treatment$400+
Express Keratin Treatment$205+
Book same day as a color service and save $50 on your service.

Extensions & Volumizers

VoMor™ Hair Extensions$272+
For volume and/or length. A complimentary consultation is respectfully required for new hair extensions guests. This time allows our professionals to determine if a guest is a suitable candidate by performing an extensive hair analysis and discussing the desired end result of the guest. All information is pertinent to a successful result.
Hair Services for Thinning Hair, Baldness Priced with consultation
We have been training and learning a new system that addresses FEMALE baldness and thinning hair and we are now introducing it in our salons. It is called “Evolve” and it is a life-changer! The Evolve hair system for women is non-invasive, non-damaging, and uses no heat, no chemicals, no glues, and no adhesives! Once it is in place, some maintenance is required, but you treat it just like your own hair. There isn’t anything you can’t do with it, and you will feel like your beautiful self once again!
Evolve Volumizer

The wearable solution for hair loss and thinning hair

The EVOLVE Volumizer is a life changing experience for women with fine or thinning hair or suffering from hair loss. The Evolve Volumizer is a unique semi-permanent hairpiece that provides unlimited options for both hair needs and fashion wants.

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Evolve Extensions+

The next generation of hair extensions

NEW EVOLVE EXTENSIONS+ has combined the speed of a tape-in, with no glues or adhesives, and the look and feel of a strand-by-strand taking hair extensions to a new level of quality and performance. Installed in 45 minutes to one hour and will not cause damage to existing hair.

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Lollipops Pop of Color

Everyone Should Have Some Fun

Shards of fantasy colors streaming through your hair and splashes of bold bright color showcased on light blonds. Lollipops take less than 5 minutes to install.

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Prices subject to change.