Customers like you are the foundation of our business.

It is a pleasure to serve you and we want you to know we appreciate your business.

Our service is designed to serve our valued guests in the best manner possible. This is a brief overview of our culture. We hope this information will be helpful.

Our salon environment has been developed to ensure timely service for our guests through true team participation among our service providers. We have developed a team-based service program to ensure that our goals of excellence and timeliness are met. Services that might otherwise take weeks to schedule with a desired service provider can be readily appointed by coordinating and sharing tasks with team members. The stylist with whom you are appointed is responsible for orchestrating any tasks he/she may assign to team members and is ultimately responsible for fulfilling your expectations. We spend many hours training together to ensure the service provided is consistent, no matter whose hands are involved.

Respect for your time:

Rather than cancel a scheduled appointment due to a service provider’s unexpected absence, we always accommodate our guests through the above-described team-based program.


Tips are not expected nor accepted. The cost of service is not affected by the number of team members that participate in providing your services.

Continuing Education classes:

From 4pm-6pm we are closed for advanced education classes. This commitment to continuing education ensures our artists remain cutting-edge in the industry to better serve you, our guests. If you are interested in becoming a model for one of our haircut/color, skin or nail care classes, please provide your name to a manager at any salon.


We have dedicated ourselves to our profession and guarantee our service. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, please contact a salon manager immediately. An assessment will be made and errors rectified, providing your hair has not been altered in any way in the meantime.


Ladies are offered a bang trim between haircuts. Gentlemen may have a quick clean-up around the ears and neckline. This service is provided Tuesday through Friday on the top of the hour or on the half-hour. No appointment needed.

Child Safety:

We ask you to consider the fact that sharp implements, hot styling tools, chemicals and a busy, congested area combine to make any salon a dangerous environment. No matter how careful we are, accidents can and do happen. Young children in carriers/strollers may not be placed near the service areas or held in the lap. If you choose to bring young children into the salon, please provide supervision for them in the form of a friend, spouse or older child. Older children, capable of sitting quietly and unsupervised, may wait in the seating area. To reduce congestion, only those receiving services may be present in the service areas.

Scheduling Appointments:

Our guest services team members can easily appoint your services at any of our three locations and can quickly access your service history, no matter which location you may have used in the past. Should you choose to change locations, any important information such as color formulas, etc, can be rapidly transferred. To best accommodate your service preferences, we suggest pre-appointing before you leave the salon.

We invite you to experience all of our services – Hair, Skin and Nail Care.

Credit Card Payments:

One of the changes we’re implementing in the wake of COVID-19 is a 3.5% credit card feethis allows us to avoid charging a sanitation fee and lets us keep our prices the same. This fee won’t apply to gift cards or cash. Thank you for your understanding!