Blooming Boldness: Vibrant Highlights and Bold Colors at K. Charles & Co.!

This spring, we’re feeling COLOR. It’s all about expressing yourself with playful highlights and vibrant shades. Think sunshine blonde for a touch of warmth, soft lilac whispers for a whimsical twist, or even magenta and watermelon for something bold. At K. Charles & Co., we’re here to create the perfect color combination that blooms alongside your personal style.


A Touch of Sunshine:

For a touch of elegance, consider adding subtle blonde highlights throughout your hair. This technique creates a natural, sun-kissed effect that instantly brightens your features and adds dimension to your locks.



Embrace Boldness:

Feeling adventurous? Spring is the perfect time to experiment with bold colors. From soft pastels to vibrant fuchsias, our stylists can create a custom color that will complement your skin tone and let you rock your own style. 



Schedule Your Spring Color Consultation Today:

Ready to infuse your hair with the vibrancy of spring? Stop by K. Charles & Co. today or schedule a consultation. We’ll help you find the perfect look to refresh your style and celebrate what makes you, you!