K. Charles & Co. Salons wish you a very Happy New Year!

We will be here in 2017 and beyond, as we have been since 1984.
It is our continued commitment to provide exceptional services to our guests.

      Our New Year Resolutions:

  • We will continue to offer a strong supportive salon atmosphere to assist with our Team Members’ individual professional growth so as to ensure prompt and reliable service to our valued guests.
  • Our Team will continue to be developed and nurtured through comprehensive, ongoing educational programs, both in-house and by bringing to them nationally-recognized professionals to educate and inspire.
  • Our Team will remain highly compensated for their talents, as well as receive opportunities for subsidized health care, savings plans and advanced professional education.
  • We will continue to respect the personal needs of our team members through our rotating schedules and 4 day work weeks, long holiday and summer breaks, birthdays free, and more.
  • We will, of course, continue to be non-tipping, offer hours of service designed to accommodate the needs of our guests, and will stay abreast of the most current fashions and products available, to be delivered by highly trained professionals.

Through the years, it has been an honor to be recognized by our industry peers for our education programs, work schedules, benefits for our team, community involvement and, of course, our incredible Team!

We appreciate your patronage of our family business and consider it our privilege to serve you.

Kathy Thalman, CEO             
Holly Vaught, Pres. Education
Chase Thalman, Pres. Systems and Development