Smooth Operator: Spotlight on K. Charles and Salon Syzygy Rockstar Vanessa Rodriguez

There’s a reason the three K. Charles locations and Salon Syzygy are the best salons in San Antonio, Texas—our stellar team. 

Talented stylists and colorists are the heartbeat of our business, but Vanessa, our Chief Manifester, is the one who keeps us running efficiently day in and day out—with kindness and grace.

“Vanessa has been with K. Charles salons for 16 years, and is a vital part of this family business,” K. Charles and Salon Syzygy Chief Dreamer Holly Thalman says. “Personally, I can’t imagine running the salons without her—if I’m the dreamer, she’s the manifester.”


Two women smiling for a selfie at a crowded event, one with light hair and one with dark hair, both dressed in evening wear. - K. Charles & Co. in San Antonio and Schertz, TX

Vanessa and Holly Thalman of K. Charles and Salon Syzygy looking more beautiful than ever!


Thalman adds, “It’s a true partnership and friendship. Our office is a round table of honesty and laughter, getting work done with fun conversations.”

Holly McClellan, team leader, says, “Vanessa has always been a great support system for me. She always goes out of her way to ensure everyone is connected and informed. I cannot personally thank her enough for the strategies, tips, and mentorship she has provided me.” 

#1 Vanessa Fan Cassandra Pena, says, “She truly has her finger on the pulse of K. Charles and Salon Syzygy, and her organization skills are like no other! We appreciate how she always keeps people and projects on task.”


Five women smiling at a conference booth with the aveda institute logo and the slogan "it all starts here!" in the background. - K. Charles & Co. in San Antonio and Schertz, TX

Vanessa and the K. Charles and Salon Syzygy team share their love for Aveda education!


Patience Makes Perfect

With four locations, dozens of stylists and guest service team members, juggling all the responsibilities isn’t always easy—but Vanessa makes it look like a piece of cake. 

“I know I can come to Vanessa with a question, and she always has an answer,” says Team Daymaker Erica.

Group of ten smiling women posing for a photo at a "serious business" conference, standing in front of a branded backdrop. - K. Charles & Co. in San Antonio and Schertz, TX

Vanessa and the K. Charles and Salon Syzygy team at the Serious Business conference!


But it’s not just her knowledge and availability that our team values. 

“Vanessa is one of the most caring and patient people I know—and we always have so much fun together,” Erica says. “She’s one-of-a-kind, and invaluable to all of us here at K. Charles salons.” 

Cassandra says Vanessa is the glue that holds the K. Charles team together. “She’s always been the epitome of professionalism, setting the example for how we interact with clients and how we deal with conflict.”

Cassandra adds, “The hard work she does behind the scenes often goes unseen, but it’s definitely felt and noticed. She wears so many hats—leader, mentor, champion, friend, disciplinarian, organizer, catalyst, and so much more. In my 15 years here, I’ve never known her door not to be open to anyone in the company, and she always has made me feel my opinions and contributions are not only appreciated, but heard.” 

Team Daymaker Krystal adds, “Vanessa puts all of her heart and passion into helping those around her succeed. She’s our very own Google and knows the answer to every question you throw at her. Vanessa is the heartbeat of K. Charles, and I feel incredibly lucky to have had her as a mentor for so many years.”

So this month, we celebrate Vanessa and all she brings to the K. Charles family. 

“Her smile lights up a room, and she has the ability to make everyone feel special and appreciated. She has helped make me a better leader, stylist and mentor, and a mere thank you is not enough to show how much she is treasured, loved and appreciated,” says Cassandra.

Two women sitting on a swing under a floral arch with the sign "aveda" at a promotional event. - K. Charles & Co. in San Antonio and Schertz, TX

Holly and Vanessa of K. Charles and Salon Syzygy showing some Aveda love!


McClellan adds, “I would not be thriving as I am today without her. I am very grateful for her and her dedication to the company.” 

“We are truly blessed to have Vanessa as part of our lives,” says Thalman. “We just love her.”