Grey Hair, Don’t Care: How To Embrace Your Silver Strands

Portrait of a smiling middle-aged woman with a stylish salon hairstyle, featuring long, flowing gray hair against a gray background. - K. Charles & Co. in San Antonio and Schertz, TX


Are you ready to say good-bye to bleached blonde and hello to silver strands? Do you find yourself looking at people of all ages sporting grey hair but don’t know where to start? At K. Charles and Salon Syzygy, we understand how overwhelming the process of embracing your natural beauty can be. To make things a little less intimidating, we’ve asked all the questions, so you don’t have to! Read on to find out how to get and maintain your perfect shade of silver.


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Can you describe the process of going grey?

The process of growing out your grey and transitioning to your natural color can be as aggressive or as gradual as you would like. With that said, the timeline of growing out grey hair can be anywhere from that day (with a very short, Jamie Lee Curtis-style pixie cut) to transitioning over many months. Cost is also dependent upon the process decided on. Generally speaking, an average price range can be anywhere from an $80 base color to a $400+ full head foil. There are usually a few options for every person‘s pocketbook and budget.

What is the maintenance of grey hair?

While growing out the grey hair, there will always be some maintenance. During the very first consultation, the guest and the stylist will discuss a maintenance schedule.

What products do you recommend for grey hair?

One of our favorite products to help control brass in gray hair or light hair is Aveda’s Blue Malva Shampoo and Blue Malva Conditioner. It has a violet base that helps neutralize warm tones and impart a cooler finish overall. We recommend that guests come back for regular gloss or shine treatments, at which time we can adjust the tone to help control brass.

Aveda carries a wide range of products that can help address frizz control, smoothing, volume, and more. Your stylist will come up with the perfect home-care regimen and walk you through step-by-step how to use each one.

Would you recommend changing the guest’s makeup routine? If so, what colors would complement grey hair?

If a guest has been coloring their hair for a long time and has decided to let their hair go natural, their makeup routine will have to change. Look for shades that complement your eye color and skin tone. A neutral palette is always a great way to start, adding accent colors as you get more comfortable.

Are you ready to make the transition to your own gorgeous shade of grey? Book your appointment online with us here or visit any of our locations in San Antonio, TX.