The K. Charles family of salons are non-gratuity salons.

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The talent we have cultivated since 1984 is the foundation of our business. We provide an environment where team work and skill go hand-in-hand, and supplement raw talent with our much studied apprentice program, consistent continuing education classes, and industry events, shows and workshops. We are proud of our creativity and appreciate our team every day. After all - leading talent is what makes K. Charles & Co. a cut above other hair salons in San Antonio and South Texas.

Q&A With Salon Team Member Erica

Hairstylist Erica Knight Carlos, K Charles & Co

What was your inspiration to pursue a profession in the world of beauty?
I have always loved the beauty industry as long as I can remember. Whether it was playing with my mom's makeup or playing with my hair instead of school work. It wasn't until a friend in college asked me why I didn't do hair and makeup for a living. That was my a-ha moment, and I have never looked back.

What inspires you now day to day?
There are so many things that inspire me. From the shapes and colors that nature provides us with to the younger generation that motivates me to keep doing what I'm doing so that I can inspire them to become successful.

How important is continued education to you?
Continuing education is extremely important. You can never stop learning. There is no such thing as perfection because there is always room for growth.

Where do you see styles going in 2014? 
Styles are going away from the extremely long hair and anything from short pixies to long bob lengths are definitely trending.

What, if any, Hollywood personality seems to set the fashion most likely to be followed?
I don't necessarily think it is one Hollywood personality that sets the trend. Of course there are those celebrities people follow but I believe it is not until MANY of the Hollywood famous start changing the trends of hair do we start paying closer attention. Having just one or two change will not start that trend. It takes quite a few to get it going.

As lead educator for K Charles Salons, please give our readers your take on the new talent in training.
I would say the new talent is EAGER! I see passion and the yearning for more education which excites me.

What are the color trends in 2014?
The color trends are definitely in the ombré family, whether it's ombré and color melting on long hair or for short hair is a tipping effect still using the ombré method.


K Charles & Co is a non-gratuity salon.

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