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Shards of fantasy colors streaming through your hair and splashes of bold bright color showcased on light blonds. Lollipops take less than 5 minutes to install.

Lollipops can be cut to blend in with any length of hair. They can be professionally removed again and reinstalled at any time, over and over. Lollipop's are 9 different shades of fantasy colors in 1.5 inch widths of our 14 inch long Extensions+.

No Tape, No Glue or Adhesives, No Chemicals. No Heat | No-Damaging, Non-Invasive


Like all Evolve products, Lollipops are Non-invasive, Non-damaging, No chemicals, No glues or adhesives, No heat required. Evolve Lollipops add a new dimension to our FASHIONS WANTS theme. They can be worn with Evolve Extensions+, with Evolve Volumizer or in a client's own hair


We custom fit and style your Volumizer to make it perfect for you. Start your life changing experience today. The EVOLVE Volumizer is sold only through EVOLVE Certified salons and stylists, of which K. Charles & Co. is proud to be. Request a consultation today by calling us at 210-403-0955 or request an appointment online at your preferred K. Charles & Co. salon location now >>

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