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the art and science of pure flower and plant essences is the core of aveda. our beauty products are alive with the life force of plants, and contain pure essential oils. our solutions are so powerful we call them purescriptions™. while we specialize in hair care, we offer other plant-based products—skin care, makeup, pure-fume™, aromas and lifestyle—that are all professionally developed, clinically tested, and go to exceptional lengths to be respectful of the earth. our professional network, nearly 8,000 salons and spas worldwide, shares our commitment. ever since a hairdresser founded aveda in 1978, our products have been harvested with respect for the earth, in harmony with the web of life.

aveda: connecting beauty, environment and well-being.

our mission at aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. at aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.
Horst Rechelbacher
Founder, Aveda

1. we believe in treating ourselves,each other, and the planet with care and respect.
2. we believe social responsibility is our responsibility.
3. we believe ecological and profit goals are mutually achievable.
4. we believe our authenticity and experience are our points of difference.
5. we believe in inspiring and educating people to integrate wellness and beauty in their lives.
6. we believe in the power of oneness: from our global image to a focused network.
7. we believe learning never ends.
8. we believe in encouraging innovation and empowered decision-making.
9. we believe our actions, products and services should always embody excellence.
10. we believe personal and organizational balance is the key to sustainable success.
11. we believe true leadership is delivered with passion and by example

5,000 years of results our earliest roots lie in ayurveda, the indian healing tradition based on the knowledge of life and the interconnectedness of all things. it has proven, over 5,000 years, that treating the whole person leads to greater balance and well-being, so we consider the effects of our products not only on hair or skin, but on body, mind and emotion.

Our relationship with Ayurveda began in 1978, thanks to two renowned Ayurvedic physicians and scholars, Drs. Vinod and Kusum Upadhyay. Globally sought for their expertise in Ayurvedic medicine, pharmacology, botanical research and aromatherapy, they brought 1,000s of years of Vedic and Ayurvedic tradition to bear on Aveda's work. Their guidance first helped us identify botanical actives for our products, allowed us to pioneer "functional aromas"(with our Chakra™ Balancing Blends), and helped us launch innovative, powerful plant derived formulas such as Outer Peace™ Acne Relief skin care.

ayurvedic roots
Ayurveda is an ancient holistic system of healing that strives to create balance in body, mind and spirit. Ayurveda means "the science of life" and it has been central to Aveda since the very beginning, when we partnered with the Ayurvedic Doctors Vinod and Kusum Upadhyay*.*Maharshi Bhardwaj Clinic and Research Centre in Haridwar, India.

In keeping with Ayurvedic principles—and because of our concern for the Earth—Aveda is committed to using organic ingredients. This has led to another Ayurvedic partnership—between Aveda and the Indian firm, Nisarga.

Nisarga—which means "nature" in Sanskrit—grows Ayurvedic herbs with organic agriculture. We have partnered with them to obtain organic turmeric and amla for use in some of our products.

Nisarga employs an environmentally friendly extraction method using CO2, which leaves no toxic residues and works at a lower temperature—yielding highly potent extracts.

Because of the company's concern about the dangers of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, Nisarga works to encourage farmers to convert to organic agriculture. They have held regular educational seminars for about 35,000 farmers over the years, convincing many to go organic. Nisarga pays the organic certification costs for the farmers they partner with and also provides educational support to help make the conversion successful.


aveda's ingredient promise
At Aveda, The Art and Science of Pure Flower and Plant Essences, we believe that Nature is the best beauty artist of all. This is why we continually strive to increase our use of naturally derived ingredients whenever possible.

Naturally Derived: We define naturally derived ingredients to be those for which more than 50% of the molecule comes from a plant, non-petroleum mineral, water, or some other natural source.

Our commitment to deliver high performance, botanically-based products that are kinder to the planet – which is good for all of us -- goes much deeper than our use of naturally derived ingredients.

aveda's ingredient sourcing
Journey with us—to trace Aveda's ingredients back to the farm or harvesting co-op. We call it Soil to Bottle℠, and we do it to ensure fair compensation throughout the process.

Aveda develops close working partnerships with certain communities and/or suppliers and seeks to use them as our primary source for specific ingredients. We frequently reference these relationships in our promotional materials. However, sometimes due to conditions beyond our control (e.g., drought, pests, and capacity limitations) these communities and/or suppliers are unable to meet our needs for an ingredient, including being unable to supply some or all of it. When such situations occur, Aveda uses additional suppliers to provide high-quality alternative sources until we are able to resume sourcing from the primary supplier.

be the change

full circle recycling program saving packaging from landfill
Now you can bring back your unrecyclable Aveda packaging and accessories to Aveda Experience Centers in the United States.

We are excited to offer a new way for you to help keep Aveda packaging out of landfills; our Full Circle Recycling Program. Aveda has partnered with g2 revolution®, a leading recycling innovations company, to provide guests the chance to return Aveda packaging and accessories not accepted by municipal curbside recycling programs to all 107 Aveda Experience Center retail locations in the US.

animals and aveda
Our commitment to animal welfare is one of our founding principles. We care for every living creature. We do not conduct animal testing, nor ask others to do it on our behalf, except when it is required by law.

caps with aveda
Aveda found that a majority of plastic bottle caps do not get recycled today. We wanted to help.

earth month

In honor of Earth Day, Aveda has set aside a whole month to love, celebrate and raise funds to protect the earth and its peoples. We've raised more than $38 million since 1999. Over the last 8 years, $32 million of the funds supported clean water projects at home and around the world. Thank you to all of you who joined us in April - to help you helped us reach our goal of $6 million.

want to help? here's how

connect with your local earth month clean water partner all year long
Interested in learning more about clean water issues in your area? Find your local Earth Month Partner organization and stay involved all year.

make every month earth month
Avan outpouring of water tips
Small changes can make a big difference. Find a tip that works for you and start saving water today.

Save electricity—and water
It takes about 2 gallons of fresh water to generate each kilowatt-hour of traditional electricity. So turn it off if you're not using it!

Prevent pollution
Buy organic produce—because runoff from traditional farms can pollute water. Also recycle electronics, appliances, fluorescent light bulbs, silver batteries and paint—to help keep pollutants out of the water supply.

Shower smart
Get wet, then turn off the water. Apply shampoo and give yourself a little scalp massage. Rinse and turn off the water again. Condition your hair and cleanse your skin. Rinse. Save 5–10 or more gallons of water a day!

Make meals meatless
Skip meat one day a week and save thousands of gallons of water! It takes up to 5,000 gallons of water to produce just one pound of meat.*

Compost to conserve
Compost fruit and vegetable peelings and waste instead of using the garbage disposal. You'll save gallons of water each time!

Brush better
Turn the water off when brushing your teeth. Save 4–10 gallons a day!

Fill up to cut down
Fill your washing machine and dishwasher before running them—to cut energy and water use. You can save even more by air-drying your clothes on a clothesline.

*Eating well: "6 Reasons to Eat Less Meat."
http://www.eatingwell.com/food_news_ origins/green_sustainable/6_reasons_to_eat_less_meat

make a donation to protect clean water
You can support your local Earth Month Clean Water Partner efforts. Click here to make a donation. www.avedaearthmonth.org


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